Amputation Pain Study

Do you suffer from

Amputation Pain?

A Clinical Study is being conducted with an investigational medical device for people with post-amputation pain.

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The Value of Clinical Research

Your participation may benefit other people in the future; the medical device being tested may relieve amputation pain without relying solely on medication.

Amputee Pain Study

our goal

Our clinical research study will evaluate whether electical nerve block is a safe and effective treatment option for patients with post-amputation pain.

Amputee Pain Study


  • One amputated lower limb
  • Frequent and recurring amputation pain
  • 21 years of age or older
Amputee Pain Study - Cost Involved


You will not be charged for any study-related appointments or procedures. Eligible participants will receive modest compensation for time and travel.

research device

Eligible participants will be implanted with an investigational medical device. The device includes a Cuff Electrode, which will be gently coiled around your nerve, and a Generator, which is similar to a pacemaker. Together they will deliver an electrical signal to the nerve.


We are seeking volunteers who have lower limb pain related to an amputation.

Participants chosen for our study will help us evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational medical device for the management of post-amputation pain.

Medical care will be provided by professionals dedicated to finding relief for the kind of pain you suffer from.

Study Activities

Study participants will:

  • Undergo surgery to implant the medical device
  • Maintain a daily diary of pain
  • Attend regular visits at the study site.
  • Sign an informed consent
  • Provide medical records
Amputation Pain Study

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